The guns of fury (Deadliest guns)

In this world the advancement in weapon is termed as power of the country and the army.
The guns can make world united or devasted. But the fact is that holding the gun in your hand makes yourself stronger than any other weapon.
Since from the time of decades we have seen advancement in weapons and the result of it. The great king SIKANDER concoured half of the world with his weapon of "Bow and Arrow", since than many kings and country came with new weapon techniques like britishers with "GUNS". The guns can change the living standard of people ,means if a person is reach enough or is facing insecurities from his enemies he can get reed of the fear if he is holding a advance weapon (gun).
The license to this guns is not available easy but as the Old Saying Says  'Any thing can be bought if you want'. The security officers of many rich politicians or business tycoon holds the most advanced the fastest, the furious guns which can ensure the safety of his man.
The below mentioned guns are the complete examples of what a man created with advancement in weapon technologies and what this deadly weapons can do and it can be seen by reading the features of guns below.
Here are the most deadliest guns in today's world -:-
1.The Tracking Point Rifle-
The Tracking Point rifle is the most dangerous guns to exist in our planet. If the world thought they seen and heard it all in terms of the latest state of the art technological and physical developments in artillery ,then all we can say is that an asteroid has landed and has delivered a huge surprise in terms of what it has in store. The Tracking point Rifle is 10 steps ahead of any rifle out there created and anything man made that has a mind of its own is considered an extremely dangerous threat to mankind. Yes…It’s been stated and still under constant trial and error to prove that the TPR decides when it wants to shoot which means it’s a gun that doesn’t always require the action of a user in control of it.
2.Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle-
Fires 5 rounds in 1.6 Seconds which is a faster rate than most would even get close to or is it the fastest?
The AS50 can be referred to as a futuristic rifle in modern warfare as a whole. The Accuracy International Company has been established on the solid foundation in building a legacy primarily based on the objective of providing enhanced as well as highly advanced performance in their weapon concepts in all hope of providing gun users of the AS50 Sniper Rifle the edge of world class leverage in terms of the genius in their work.
3.Heckler and Koch HK416 A5 Assault Rifle-
A new and improved destruction instrument from its previous versions that were just as powerful but not AS powerful as its son. The mistakes of the parent of this gun has not been passed onto the next generation and this is a mistake that no gun manufacturer would make as it would defeat sorely defeat the purpose and novelty of upgrading.
Counted among the most dangerous guns for all seasons since it has a ‘winter’ trigger guard for allowance to use gloves when handling the gun and what’s more dangerous about this is that more shots can be pulled off onto anybody or anything since the gloves may prevent finger prints when in the investigation of not so law enforcing countries.
4.Kalashnikov AK-47-
The AK-47 can strike fear in even the novice and ignorant average person who knows not a single thing about guns in general. The Birth of the AK-47 in the era of early nineteenth century meant the birth of a beast that is to live for another century thereafter. Mikhail Kalashnikov has created what has proven to be the instrument of destruction and terror on a global scale as we know the gun today. He did not anticipate that he would be giving birth to what was a ticking time bomb of the world in the long run. Although the AK -47 that ranks among the most dangerous guns, is extremely intimidating in its strikingly unique appearance, even when not in the hands of terrorists such as: Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden, just the sight or presence of the AK-47 creates a dangerous atmosphere. Fired at close range, the power of the AK which in actual fact has its shortened name that’s an obvious derivative of “Automat Kalishinova”.
5.Heckler and Koch MG4-
The HK MG4, one of the most dangerous guns to ever have been made, falls under the same family as the AK-47 however it can be considered as the Patriarch of the machine gun family. Every gun has its strengths and weaknesses and the HK only knows power! Extreme firepower with a vast amount of capabilities that makes its handler feel like a one man army. The integrated bipod allows for stopping anywhere at any given vantage point to lay it down like a sniper rifle and to use it that, with its improved light weight it also allows one to carry it and run at a normal speed as it would be without holding any weapon until switching to super raged Rambo or Terminator mode.