4 ways to increase views on blog 'Either today or Never'

In this world expressing feelings about day to day ups and down is trending. In times when people started writing blog the company associated with google i.e Adsense started paying .
But now on wards its not habit of writing blog but it has changed to habit of earning from adsense.
The earning starts with a limit above which if views of people on that blog started increasing than adsense pays to you. Here are the 3 effective  ways by which views can be increased-
1. Sharing more on GOOGLE+ -
Increasing traffic on blog can be increased by sharing and resharing on official app of Google i.e. GOOGLE+ . On this app there are over 1billion users  which share there views or pictures and have fun but if we increase followers on G+ we can share our blog and can get ample amount of views.
For example-
A girl name chezzy increased her followers to 500 people and than when she shared her blogs on G+ , she started getting 100's of views per day on blog and resharing the app gets more views day bu day.
2. Sharing on facebook -
As we all know that facebook is best social networking site in todays world and this app allows you to make friends and chat with them all around the time.
On this app likes can be easily added to your post which is a plus point for every blog writter , since if they post on facebook they get good amount of views on blog and writing blog is the symbol of good qualification and strong hold on british english , which increase your popularity on facebook amd also helps you recieve good amount of money from adsense.
3.Write good stuffs and make use of humming bird-
Writing a blog efficiently equal to how we write ..? This means that your blog should contain a amount of information regarding the topic and it should be presentable too.
The use of numeric values in titles increases the percentage of viewing of your blog , for example -
1. 3 ways to stay healthy
2. 5 ways to earn
3. 7 days of work etc.
And also the use of phrases can automatically increase ur blog efficiency and also the traffic sources on blog. For example-
1. Health is wealth
2. Do it today or never
3. Art never dies
The basic clue of writing a blog should be kept in mind i.e. your complete message , information , format ,style and attitude toward the topic.
You should also make use of slangs , question marks and other items to improve the condition of blog.
4. Using effictive symbols -
The writing of blog is an art through which we can convey our way of thinking on the topic and also the drawbacks and also the good effects of the title.
The usage of symbols like rupay , dollar or other religious title can attract more traffic sources on your blog and also can increase your chances of going on to the top viewership of your blog.
The message of symbol is more effective than written language. For example ,
1. 🌏 global earth
2. 🍗 chicken
The above mentioned tips and rules will help you get intense traffic sources on your blog and accordingly you will get more adsense credit.
The limit of earning can never be fullfilled for human being so you should write more and more traffic seeking blogs which gets attention of viewers daily and also make your blog style appropriate and should be eye healthy for viewer.

NOTEAlso ask people for subscribing your page for daily updates and share on social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp , yahoo , Google+ .